Habits That Are Bad For Your Teeth

Bad TeethAs people, we tend to fall into some pretty bad habits, several of which can damage our teeth. So do your best to avoid these Bad Habits that lead to Bad Teeth:

  1. Chewing on Ice: After you are done downing that glass of ice-cold water, what is left? Ice. Why wouldn’t you chew on it? Well, for starters, it is bad for your teeth. Chewing on ice can irritate the soft tissue inside the tooth, causing toothaches. Chewing on ice can even chip or crack your pearly whites. Ouch! So next time you have the urge to chew on some ice, grab that sugar-free gum instead.
  2. Playing Sports without a Mouth Guard: Playing sports is great for so many reasons, including exercise and teaching teamwork. Playing sports without a proper mouth guard is bad for one reason: damaged teeth. Without a mouth guard, your teeth could be chipped, broken, or even knocked out while playing soccer, football, baseball, or any number of other sports.
  3. Grinding Your Teeth: Bruxism, known to the public as teeth grinding, can wear your teeth down over time. Unfortunately, many of us do not even know we have a problem. This is because the majority of teeth grinding occurs at night. If you are experiencing unexplained jaw pain or headaches and suspect you may be grinding your teeth, schedule an appointment with your dentist at your earliest convenience. Wearing a mouth guard at night can help alleviate your symptoms and protect your teeth.
  4. Opening Packages with Your Teeth: Having trouble tearing that package? Why not use your teeth? Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth, that’s why! Your teeth should only be used for eating.
  5. Snacking: Did you know that snacking produces less saliva than an actual meal? This allows food particles to stay put on your teeth for hours upon hours. You can probably guess how bad this is for your teeth.
  6. Chewing on Pencils: Who doesn’t love the taste of a No. 2 pencil? Okay, so maybe we don’t chew on pencils because of their taste. But we do chew on pencils. Often times this happens when we are concentrating or nervous. And, like chewing on ice, this bad habit can have devastating consequences for your teeth.
  7. Smoking: We all know the perils of smoking, right? Well, did you know that smoking can not only discolor your teeth, but also lead to gum disease?
  8. Drinking Coffee: Are you one of the millions of Americans that struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Have you ever uttered the phrase, “just five more minutes?” If so, you probably also rely on everyone’s favorite pick-me-up, coffee. And while coffee may help you through the drudgery of your morning commute, it can also yellow your teeth over time. Yuck!
  9. Avoiding the Dentist: Perhaps the worst habit of all is peoples’ avoidance of the dentist. News flash: brushing and flossing is not enough to maintain healthy teeth. This is why you need to see the dentist every 6 months.

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