How To Take Care of Your Mouth When You Have a Cold

woman sneezing

Here’s how to get through cold & flu season!

Cold and Flu season is upon us! Whether you prefer to stock up on drugstore remedies or allow nature to take its course, ensure that you’re taking care of your body. Here are a few steps you can take this season in order to maintain your oral health.

Practice Good Hygiene

Covering your mouth when you cough limits the spread of germs. It’s considerate to your colleagues, friends, and family. You understand to cover your mouth when you’re sick, but what about protecting your toothbrush?

According to the CDC, the flu virus can live on moist surfaces for 72 hours. “The number one rule is not to share your toothbrush anytime, but especially when you are sick,” Dr. Romo says. So if you live with other people, it would be a good idea to store your toothbrush in a place that isn’t shared by others.

Be Choosy About Drugstore Cures

When strolling down the aisles of the store, tissue in hand, take a moment to read the label on the medicines you purchase. If you’re picking up a bag of throat lozenges to alleviate the burning feeling in your throat, make sure you’re choosing one with a low sugar content. A sugary cough drop could have cavity-causing properties!

Stay Hydrated

Your body needs plenty of fluids, especially when you’re sick. Staying hydrated isn’t just necessary for your health, but it helps reduce the risk of dry mouth and other uncomfortable side effects of illness.


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