Do I Need to use Denture Adhesive?

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Are you new to the denture game?

Denture adhesive can improve the look of full or partial dentures, but it isn’t necessary for everyone. Some people prefer to use denture adhesive as a sense of security, while some people are comfortable with the original fit of their dentures. How can you tell if denture adhesive would benefit you?

The Natural Changes in Your Mouth

Over time, dentures can become loose due to changes in the bone and gum tissue which recedes once the nature tooth is removed. If your denture is fitted immediately after your teeth are removed it may be necessary for you to use an adhesive until the area naturally heals.

Different Types of Adhesive

Once you’re fitted with dentures, you’ll learn that the adhesive comes in many forms including pastes, powders, and pads.  Whichever product you choose to use, it’s important that you read all of the directions before applying it to your mouth. If too much paste is used, denture adhesive can change your bite and produce jaw problems

Using Adhesive

Denture adhesive should be applied sparingly to well-cleaned dentures. If you want to apply the adhesive correctly, follow a routine. First, rinse your dentures, apply the recommended amount of adhesive to the denture, and immediately place it in your mouth. The routine works for partial and full dentures.

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