How Bad Oral Hygiene Could Affect Your Life

How Bad Oral Hygiene Could Affect Your Life

Bad oral hygiene and poor overall oral health can impact your life and even be deadly.

When many people think about oral health, they think of it as secondary to their overall physical well-being. Bad oral hygiene and poor overall oral health can impact your life and even be deadly. How can bad oral hygiene impact your life, and why is it important to visit your dentist regularly? 

Increased Risk of Heart Disease or Stroke

Periodontal disease is very common in America, and it has also been correlated with an increased risk of stroke and heart disease in multiple research studies. Bacteria can enter your bloodstream through your gums if you are not properly addressing periodontal disease, which can contribute to heart disease and boost your chances of experiencing a heart attack. If you have periodontal disease or you are concerned that you might have an oral infection, it is critical to seek dental care as quickly as possible.

Increased Risk of Respiratory Conditions

Another study found that poor oral hygiene can also lead to an increased risk of respiratory conditions like pneumonia and bronchitis. The same bacteria that can increase your risk of heart disease or stroke may also enter your lungs through your bloodstream and negatively impact your ability to breathe. By maintaining good oral health, you can decrease your risk of serious respiratory conditions and even everyday colds.

Increased Risk of Cancer

Research has also found that poor oral hygiene is connected with some types of cancer. Men who have periodontal disease are over 50% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer or kidney cancer. Patients who have periodontal disease are also 14% more likely to develop any type of cancer. By addressing gum issues early and maintaining overall good hygiene, you can dramatically lower your risk of developing cancer. 

Increased Risk of Diabetes

Did you know that a whopping 95% of people who have diabetes in the United States also have tooth loss or some level of periodontal disease? This alarming statistic shows that diabetes and poor oral hygiene often go together. This is especially dangerous because people who are diabetic can have a tougher time managing infections. By improving your oral hygiene, even if you are already diabetic, you can control your disease better or prevent developing diabetes entirely.

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