Hidden sugars can lead to cavities

Sugar is your teeth’s worst enemy. Most people think that by passing up candy, ice cream and even cake that you can avoid sugar.

However, it’s foods that have “high fructose corn syrup” or hidden sugars found in seemingly harmless foods that can also cause cavities.

Hidden Sugars

Oatmeal: Avoid the pre- packaged, flavor variety packets and dress up your oatmeal with nuts and fruit.

Protein Bars: Unsalted almonds or peanuts are a healthier choice.

Salad Dressing: Low fat salad dressing can be chock-full of sugar. Go for vinegar or lemon juice with olive oil instead.

Granola: There’s a health-halo effect for granola. People think that by munching on it, it can help your diet. However, it’s thickly coated with sugar. Opt out of it for a healthier option, like actual fruits.

Milk: All milk has sugar in it, so be wary when you pair it with sugary cereals. It may not bode well with your dental health.

Iced Tea: Unsweetened tea is your best option since natural tea doesn’t have any sugars. Sweet teas are filled to the brim with sugar.

Sports Drinks: It’s a great way to quench your thirst after a long work out but it’s not as healthy as you think it is. One drink has 310 calories. You would need to run several miles to burn that off.

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