How To Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Dentists

How you can help your child make the dentist a pleasant experience

From a child’s point of view, a dentist’s office can be a scary place considering a stranger is poking metal objects in their mouth.  Going to the dentist at a young age can be anxiety inducing, and even some adults don’t favor getting a routine cleaning.  But as we all know, visiting the dentist is vital for a healthy mouth and a great way to promote oral hygiene habits. There are several strategies you can practice with your child to ease their fear of the dentist.  

Start Their Visits Early

Having your child see the dentist at a young age will make it a normal activity for them.  According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, parents should schedule their little one’s first appointment when their first tooth appears or by their first birthday.  Starting early helps detect any potential problems and decreases the chances of any extensive dental procedures. It is important from a young age that you child sees you regularly going to the dentist, so set a good example for them!

Play Pretend Dentist

Sitting down with your child and telling them what to expect out of their first appointment is a great way to calm their nerves.  Role play dentist with them and make some fun out of cleaning their teeth.  All you need is a tooth brush and a small hand mirror.  Start by counting your child’s teeth as the brush over them.  They can even count your teeth and if you have fillings, you can show them the importance of daily brushing.

Avoid Bribery

Persuading your child to goto the dentist by giving them a reward will only reinforce the idea that getting a check up is a scary event.  Tell them that visiting the dentist is a normal activity and that they will end up with a healthy smile.  It is okay to take your child for a reward after their appointment occasionally, but don’t make it a big deal about it, instead surprise them.


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