Foods to Avoid After Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Foods to Avoid After Professional Teeth Whitening Services
Catonsville Dental Care proudly offers professional teeth whitening services.

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who often chooses to hide their smile when taking photographs, you should know that you’re not alone. Maybe you’re even guilty of whitening your smile through special applications before uploading your newest selfie to your favorite social media platform. Whatever the case may be, your teeth have never been as white as you’ve wanted them to be. You should know that Catonsville Dental Care can help brighten your smile and get it ready for being photographed! Catonsville Dental Care proudly offers professional teeth whitening services. If you end up opting for teeth whitening services, be sure to avoid these foods to avoid staining your teeth. 

Avoid Any Dark Food or Liquids After Professional Teeth Whitening Services

After you’ve had your teeth professionally bleached, think of them as a fresh canvas or a new couch that you’ve just brought home. You wouldn’t choose to drink red wine or have a nice cup of tomato soup on your brand new couch, would you? Don’t do that with your teeth, either! You’ll want to completely avoid any dark food or liquids within the first three days of having your teeth professionally whitened. These foods can include, but are not limited to: tomato soup, coffee, tea, curries, sodas, and anything that’ll stick to your teeth as a colorant. 

Foods With Colorants

There’s so many foods with colorants that you need to be wary of after having your teeth professionally whitened. While you may be in the mood for some dark chocolate or a nice steak for dinner, avoid it at all costs. Chocolate, beef, common condiments like mustard and ketchup, and soy sauce are a few offenders that need to be avoided at all costs. If you consume them, you might risk staining your newly-bleached teeth and have to go through the whitening process for another round.

Acidic Drinks, Candy, and Baked Goods

You’ll also want to avoid any acidic drinks like coffee, wine, and refined sugars in the form of candy or baked goods. Since refined sugars and acidic drinks can contribute to discoloration of your teeth, you’ll want to avoid them for a minimum of 72 hours after having your teeth professionally bleached with Catonsville Dental Care. If you’re interested in learning more about Catonsville Dental Care’s teeth whitening services, contact them today to book a consultation!

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