How Coffee Affects Your Teeth

Many people feel as if they need coffee to get their day going.

Many people feel as if they need coffee to get their day going. You may be one of these people, but have you ever thought what coffee does to your teeth? Coffee may taste delicious and gives you a jolt of energy, but ultimately, it stains your teeth. Tannins are astringents or biomolecules found in coffee, wine, and tea. They cause the coloring of these beverages to stick to your teeth. Unfortunately, coffee lovers, they leave behind a yellow residue. Just one cup a day will stain your teeth! If you want to learn more about how coffee affects your teeth, keep reading.

What Coffee Does Besides Stain Your Teeth

Water is the best drink for you. As with any beverage that isn’t water, bacteria can grow in your mouth, making your enamel susceptible to erosion as well as your teeth. When your enamel weakens, your teeth become thin and brittle.

Coffee, as good as it may smell to some people, can cause bad breath. It’s hard to remove coffee from the tongue. To combat this issue, make sure that you eat beforehand. After you drink your coffee, you can use a tongue scraper and then brush your teeth thirty minutes afterward.

How to Remove Coffee Stains

Dentists are so talented that coffee stains may be effortless to remove if you make sure to clean your teeth cleaned every six months. Scheduling regular appointments are crucial. Brushing your teeth with baking soda every two weeks can also help. Whitening toothpaste and strips are beneficial as well. Electric, versus manual toothbrushes, are better because they give your teeth a more in-depth, quicker cleaning.

Don’t Want To Give Up Coffee? There’s Still Hope

Drinking coffee may be so embedded into your morning routine that you refuse to stop. What you can do to limit yourself to one coffee a day and sip it slowly so that bacteria doesn’t buildup all at once. What’s also helpful is not using creamer and sugar because this quickens the rate of bacteria growth. If you’re an iced coffee lover, using a straw reduces stains. Finally, did you know that eating raw fruits and vegetables may remove stains? Lemon is an example of a fruit that breaks down bacteria because it has natural fibers.

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