Cavities: 5 Things That You Should Know

Facts About Cavities Catonsville Dental Care

If your cavities are causing pain, you may need more than a filling

It’s the best feeling when you come from a dentist’s office and discover that you have no cavities. However, more often than not, patients find that they need many fillings after visiting a dentist’s office. Dentists spend their entire careers trying to stop dental caries or holes from spreading, but what are they, exactly? How can they harm you? Here are five noteworthy things that you should know about cavities. 

Cavities Are a Bacterial Infection

You can consider a cavity as an acid burn. While sugar indirectly causes cavities, the direct cause is a buildup of acid that comes from bacteria. Streptococcus mutans is a primary culprit, but there are many others. Acid is dangerous because it erodes enamel, and having a cavity (or more!) makes it harder to clean your teeth.

A Cavity Left Untreated Can Leave Your Teeth Under Constant Attack

If you have a cavity or more, you shouldn’t leave these untreated. The more acid buildup that occurs, the lower your pH balance is, and you’re probably wondering why this matters regarding dental health. The lower the pH balance, the more vulnerable teeth are to cavities. So, what can lower the oral pH balance and increase acid, you may ask? Sugary snacks, carbonated drinks like sodas, and energy drinks will reduce the oral pH balance into a cavity-producing state. 

Cavities Can Spread

Dental caries are shockingly contagious. Like a cold, cavities can spread from tooth to tooth, which you probably already knew. But did you know that you can pass bacteria along to other people? You want to take care of your dental health for your wellbeing, but you also want to think about your significant other or spouse as well

When a Cavity Begins to Hurt, a Filling May Not Suffice

Typically, cavities don’t hurt. For this very reason, you should keep up with dental exams because dentists can detect dental health issues even if you don’t feel any pain. When you feel severe tooth pain and you’re experiencing sensitivity, in the worst-case scenario, you may need a root canal. 

Dental Caries Impact Children Heavily

Children are sugar addicts. It’s not uncommon for children to sneak snacks when you aren’t looking, and who can blame them? Sugar tastes delicious, but too much of it is harmful. While dental caries are preventable for the most part, children from 6-11, and adolescents from 12-19, according to the CDC. For this reason, parents should stress the importance of proper dental health techniques at an early age.

If you know that you have cavities, you should schedule an appointment. The smaller the cavity, the easier it is to prevent things from worsening. 

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