4 Reasons Your Child Has Bad Breath

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Does your little one have bad breath?

If you’re instructing your child to brush his teeth twice a day, you’re off to a great start in ensuring proper oral hygiene. No matter how often they may brush, children can still have bad breath. If his brushing habits aren’t the cause, his bad breath could be a sign of something more serious.

Swollen Tonsils

Did you mother ever check your tonsils with a flashlight? It’s time to do the same thing with your child. Healthy tonsils are pink and free of spots or blemishes. Infected tonsils are enlarged, red, or covered in white spots. Infected tonsils are full of collected bacteria, which can emit a foul odor. Take your child to the doctor if his or her tonsils appear to be infected.

Dry Mouth

It’s easy for children to become dehydrated. Unless you’re reminding them to drink water after soccer practice or before bed, they may not remember to stay hydrated. Dehydration leads to serious dry mouth, which is a leading cause of bad breath.

Sinus Infection

Your child might be suffering from seasonal allergies, or the symptoms could be a sign of a serious sinus infection. Sinus issues cause fluid to collect in the nasal passages and throat, which allows for more bacteria build up. Your child may need to be prescribed antibiotics.

A Cavity

Your child’s sugar addiction may eventually lead to tooth decay or cavities. A cavity is a decaying portion of the tooth, which means that bacteria becomes easily trapped inside of it, causing bad breath. Make a dentist appointment for your little one and encourage good dental hygiene.

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