All About Tooth Abscesses

learn how to prevent and treat an abscessed tooth.

It is critical to continuously take care of your mouth to prevent extreme tooth and jaw pain.  Poor oral health care can lead to you developing a tooth abscess which is an infection starting at the root of the tooth and spreads to the gum line.  A tooth abscess is usually caused by severe tooth decay that erodes through the whole tooth reaching the gum tissue.  To achieve exceptional oral health, you should know how to prevent and treat a potential tooth abscess.

What Exactly Is A Tooth Abscess

When a bacterial infection goes through your tooth and breaks down tissue, an abscess forms which is a pocket of pus that fights the infection from spreading.  An abscess is a natural defense mechanism of your body, although it is very painful.  An abscess can also form in other parts of the mouth, putting your gums and jaw bone at risk for permanent damage.  Common symptoms of a tooth abscess include constant throbbing pain, a bad smell in the mouth, and swelling of the face or gums.

Causes and Prevention

Poor dental hygiene is a common reason for tooth abscesses to form, so it is critical to brush and floss your teeth daily to get rid of plaque.  Gum disease, a cracked tooth, and complication with a dental surgery are other reasons for a tooth abscess to form.  If you have a weakened immune system, you are at greater risk of developing a dental infection.  It is important to go through the proper motions to strengthen your immune system.


Treatment for a tooth abscess greatly depends on the severity of the infection and how the amount of pain you are experiencing.  If a tooth abscess is preventing you from eating properly, then you should seek emergency treatment at a hospital.  Once you see a dental professional, they will drain the pus and remove the source of the infection.  Depending on the severity of your abscessed tooth, a dentist might have to perform a root canal.

Oral Care from Catonsville Dental Care

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