3 Simple Oral Health Tips

Good Oral Habits for your child

Learn how to improve your oral health.

One of the most important aspects of being physically and mentally health is a clean mouth.  Maintaining proper dental hygiene is essential to avoiding fillings or other procedures.  The last thing you want is to have yellow, stained teeth, or gingivitis.  Having healthy mouth is much easier than you might think.  Luckily, there are few simple tips you should follow if you want to have exceptional oral health.

It’s All About Technique

It is important to brush at least twice a day but is even more important that you are brushing your teeth properly.  You should brush gently at a 45-degree angle with short back and forth strokes across the sides and tops of your teeth.  Make sure that reach your back teeth with short vertical strokes.  Do not forget to brush your tongue because that is where a lot of plaque resides in your mouth.

Regular Visits

One of the most important aspects of exceptional oral health is visiting the dentist regularly, which is usually twice a year for a check-up.  Visiting a dentist is the best way to prevent any dental problems, and an effective at treating issues any before they get worse.  Your dentist and dental hygienist are the best people to go to for any advice or if you want them to check something.

Watch What You Consume

When it comes to dental hygiene, it is essential that you are selective about what you eat and drink.  It is critical that you limit your intake of sugary items such as candy, soda, and coffee drinks.  Sugar is a major force that breaks down enamel and causes cavities.  You should avoid snacking before bed without brushing your teeth.


Oral Care from Catonsville Dental Care

Whether you want to whiten your teeth, straighten your teeth or have a wisdom tooth extracted Catonsville Dental Care offers a wide variety of services when it comes to oral health. We have the experience and understanding to diagnose and treat any problem you have as quickly and painlessly as possible. With four dentists available at our office and commitment to comfort, safety and relaxation you can’t find a better provider for your health. We look forward to helping you keep your smile perfect all year long and talking with you about your needs. To schedule an appointment or consultation, visit us online or give us a call at 410-747-1115. For more tips and tricks follow us on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

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