When Will My Baby Start Teething?

baby teeth

Your baby’s teeth are en route.

If you’ve recently had your first child, it’s more than likely that you’ve received your fair share of advice from friends and family. You read all of the books during pregnancy and you watched a Lifetime movie that summed parenting up in a two-hour dramatic monologue. Despite all of this welcome, and maybe unwelcome advice, there are certain aspects of parenthood you just have to find out for yourself. When it comes to your baby’s mouth, keep in mind that every infant develops teeth at their own rate. Here’s a bit of teething advice for when they do.

Teething: A Rite of Passage

Teeth begin developing when your child is still in the womb. An infant is rarely born with a full tooth or two, but he/she can sprout one as early as a few months old. By the time your baby is three years old, his or her mouth will be full of tiny choppers.  

Signs of Teething

Your baby may be a champion teether and show no signs of distress, or he or she could show obvious signs of discomfort throughout the growth process. A few teething symptoms to look out for include gum swelling, fussiness, biting, trouble sleeping, and trouble eating. If your baby has developed a fever or sickness due to teething, give your doctor a call.

How to Soothe Your Baby

As we stressed before, every child is different. However, a few of these techniques may work if your baby is fussy about the teething process. Try giving him or her something to chew on such as a teething ring or a wet, sterile washcloth. Offer your baby colder food as it may soothe the growing pains, and try a pain reliever if approved by your doctor.

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