Why Mercury-Free Dentistry is Important

Mercury free-dentistry is important for your teeth, your general health, and the health of the planet in general. This is why at Gaithersburg Sedation And Family Dentistry we do our utmost to engage in safe practices. Below are some of the many reasons why mercury-free dentistry is important.  

Amalgam Is A PollutantThinkstockPhotos-147306151 (2)

Amalgam pollutes water, air, and eventually the landfills where the waste ends up. Once in the environment, toxic mercury becomes even more toxic and can contribute to brain damage and neurological problems. This is especially dangerous for for children and unborn babies.

Amalgam Negatively Affects Human Health

Mercury emits a vapor even after it enters the body, which is a known neurotoxin. This is especially dangerous for children, nursing infants, fetuses, and any person with impaired kidney function.

Amalgam Is Damaging To Teeth

Amalgam fillings require a significant removal of toothy health matter, which threatens the integrity of natural teeth. These fillings also contract and expand over time, creating further tooth problems and requiring later dental care.

Amalgam Is Dangerous For Dental Professionals

Due to mercury exposure at work, studies have shown that many dental professionals have higher mercury levels, and that many are not aware of the potential negative effects of it. Dental workers have reported neurological problems, reproductive failures, and birth defects caused by amalgam exposure at work.

Amalgam Is Often Used Without Informed Consent

Most dentists do not inform their patients that their fillings may include mercury. According to Zogby polls, 76% of consumers are not aware that amalgam is mainly mercury. However, once informed, 77% of people are willing even to pay extra for mercury-free dentistry.

The Use of Amalgam Perpetuates Social Injustice

White middle class consumers opt for mercury-free fillings, while those in poorer and minority communities and developing countries are rarely even presented with the choice. Dentists use almost 25% more mercury fillings in American Indian patients than in white patients.

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