Who is Eligible for Clear Aligner Therapy

All five of the doctors at CDC have had ongoing, extensive training to help guide you in achieving the results that are most beneficial for the long term success of your teeth.

Our number one goal is to align your teeth in a healthy way that is free from breakdown, trauma, TMJ disorders, and tooth loss, all while creating a beautiful smile. We treat patients from all age groups from 16 to 116 with varying degrees of malocclusion: over-bite, under-bite, cross-bite, crowding and spacing.

Deep Overbite? We can fix that!

An overbite is when the upper front teeth overlap with your lower front teeth. When the upper teeth cover more than 50% of your lower teeth, this is called a deep-bite. Excessive wear and breakage on the front teeth occurs when you have a deep over-bite and excessive forces in the wrong places result in bone loss, sensitivity, loss of enamel, and in some cases, the loss of teeth.

Under-bite? We can fix that!

An under-bite is when your lower teeth are in front of your upper teeth. People who have under-bites often complain about frequent headaches, difficulty chewing or swallowing, the inability to pronounce words properly, TMJ issues, breakdown of teeth, and difficulty breathing in some circumstances.

Crossbite? We can Fix That!

Normally, your upper teeth should be wider and overlap your bottom teeth. Each upper tooth touches a matching lower tooth so that the forces from chewing and clenching are distributed evenly across your bite. If any of the lower teeth are inside the upper teeth, this is called a crossbite. This type of misalignment causes long term damage to the TMJ, headaches, trauma and breakage of teeth, the inability to chew properly, and in some cases tooth loss.

Have a gap? We can Fix That!

Whether small, wide, one tooth or several, a space between your teeth can create pockets where food can get stuck. This type of misalignment can cause the gum tissue to become red, swollen, and sore, and can lead to gum disease.

Open Bite? We can Fix That!

An openbite is when you can’t close the front teeth together. When someone has this type of misalignment they are not able to bite into anything with their front teeth. It causes excessive forces on back teeth, jaw pain, headaches, severe sensitivity, and often fractured posterior teeth and irregular wear of the enamel surface.

Crowding? Oh yes, we can Fix That!

Crowding is the number one reason most people seek orthodontic treatment. Often we see crowding occur when teeth are erupting as children but as adults crowding can occur over time as well even if you had braces as a young person. This type of misalignment, whether small or severe, causes an inability to clean properly and results in periodontal disease. This happens because the tissue at the gum-line is not able to be stimulated to retain the proper health with debris and bacteria living below the surface. Oftentimes, we also see excessive traumatic forces placed in places that cause chipping, breaking, loosening of the teeth and eventual loss.

Pros and Cons:

Choosing the best method for straightening your teeth is an investment in your long-term health and can be an overwhelming task. We have created a pros and cons sheet so that you can start to consider what the best choice is for you.

First let’s consider what the main differences are between traditional metal braces and Clear Aligner Therapy.

Traditional metal braces: Metal brackets are cemented to the teeth and a wire is secured into the brackets using elastics. Force is applied to the bracket through the wire with rubber bands that connect from the top teeth to the lower teeth. The wire is changed at the orthodontic office on a 2-4 week basis with increased thickness until the teeth have been aligned properly. The time frame for traditional metal braces is typically 18-36 months.

Invisalign Clear Aligner Therapy: Small, tooth colored, bonded attachments are placed on the teeth and a clear aligner is worn every day. Pressure points are within the framework of the aligners that move the teeth into proper alignment. You will be seen every 4-8 weeks to receive new aligners and check that things are moving along as predicted. The typical time frame for Invisalign in our office is 9-12 months.

Metal Braces

Pros Cons
Less self-discipline is needed since they can’t be removed. Food limitations: no sticky candy like gum, caramel, gummy bears; no crunchy foods like popcorn, pretzels and ice; no hard foods like granola & nuts; no biting into corn on the cob, ribs, apples. These foods can dislodge a bracket or break a wire.
  Brushing and flossing is difficult and require special tools.
  Special athletic-guards need to be made for contact sports.
  Brackets, bands and wires cause cheek and tongue irritation causing sores.
  Average treatment time is 2+ years
Patients need to visit the orthodontist every 2-6 weeks for adjustments or repairs of brackets, bands and wires.

Invisalign Clear Aligner Therapy

Pros Cons
No food limitations Being responsible for your aligners and following the guidelines for success.
Removing the trays to brush and floss is easy – no extra tools  
Your aligners can be worn during contact sports  
No metal to cause discomfort or sores  
Treatment is typically 9-12 months
Visits to the office are every 4-8 weeks

…and then there is Smile Direct Club, which we refer to as the (NO)Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club offered clear dental aligners without the dental part. There weren’t any dentists or orthodontists involved with the treatment and no exams to confirm healthy end results. The process was hugely unsuccessful leaving many people with no change or negative changes to their alignment. And unfortunately all those patients were left without resolution when the company shut-down after filing for bankruptcy in December 2023. Catonsville Dental Care has decided to offer patients who have been mislead with Smile Direct or BYTE a cost reduction to aid in the transition to a healthier and dentally driven outcome. Call our office or send us an email to inquire: 410-747-1115 or [email protected]

If you feel that Invisalign is the right choice for your orthodontic needs, call or email us to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation. During the consultation you will meet with the Invisalign coordinator and one of our amazing dentists to discuss your goals, review your dental records, take photos, create a 3D scan of your teeth, and perform an intraoral exam. We will create a 3D simulation of what your final result will look like, discuss time lines and appointment types, and take time to answer any questions you may have. Finally, we will give you a financial treatment plan that will break down what our All-Inclusive Clear Aligner Therapy offers and utilize any insurance and/or promos to help remove that burden towards a healthier smile.

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