Tips for People With Sensitive Teeth

tooth sensitivity

There are several things you can adopt in your daily life to combat teeth sensitivity.

It seems to happen every time you have an ice cream or bite down on cold foods; a sharp pain is sent straight to your mouth.  Teeth sensitivity is a common issue that affects 60 percent of Americans and can interfere with your daily life.  When the enamel and dentin of the teeth get worn away, the nerve endings are exposed causing pain and discomfort.  There are several ways you can reduce teeth sensitivity, and it starts with proper oral hygiene.  

Be Kind to Your Mouth

When brushing your teeth, make sure to pick a brush that has soft bristles and move it up and down against your teeth gently.  Aggressively brushing your teeth breaks down enamel and causes sensitivity.  Changing the way you clean your teeth and gums will get rid of plaque and reduce teeth irritation.  A good place to start is to use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.

Avoid Acidic Foods and Drinks

You should limit your intake foods and beverages such as soda, red wine, citrus fruit, and pickles.  All of these items contain acids that speed up the erosion of your enamel leading to unwanted sensitivity.  Control your intakes of these items and brush you teeth around 20 minutes after consuming them.  To reduce acidic drinks from breaking down your enamel, sip them through a straw.

Be Aware of Teeth Grinding

One of the worst ways to damage your teeth is by grinding them, which usually happens at night.  This is a very common problem, with about one-third of people suffering from grinding their teeth.  The best way to treat this condition is to invest in a mouth guard.  Wear the guard at night to effectively stop your enamel from deteriorating and prevent tooth sensitivity.  


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