Tips for Dealing With Bad Breath

Dancing the night awayIt is finally summer. You take your girl or guy out to a nice dinner, enjoy a romantic walk at beneath a beautiful sunset, and lean in for a kiss. Unfortunately for you, halitosis, the ultimate date ruining super villain commonly referred to as “bad breath”, ruins this otherwise fantastic moment. Luckily for you (or unluckily if you happen to be a victim of someone’s breath), this problem is fairly widespread. Here are a few tips for dealing with bad breath:

  • Cut out contributing factors: Dairy products, sugar products, onions, garlic, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco can all leave your breath smelling like a soggy gym sock. Food products can leave material that feed the bacteria that cause bad breath. Alcohol dries out your mouth, reducing saliva flow and creating opportunities for aspiring breath killers. Tobacco not only can cause cancer, but it can also allow bacteria to fester in your mouth.

  • Brush your teeth: It is simple, really, but the biggest thing you can do to fight bad breath is to brush your teeth. Not only does this help fight cavities, (which also create safe havens for bacteria) but taking a generous helping of toothpaste to your mouth will immediately (but temporarily) freshen your breath! While you have your toothbrush in there though, don’t forget to brush your tongue. You’d be surprised at the amount of bacteria your tongue can hold.

  • Be prepared: Sugar-free gum can be a lifesaver whether you’re hoping to seal the deal with the person of your affection or giving an important presentation at work. Regularly drinking water can also help wash away bacteria and food particles. Natural remedies, such as cloves, anise, cardamom, peppermint, or coriander can help as well. A quick application of whatever remedy you choose can temporarily stave off even the worst of bad breath.

  • Visit a doctor: Certain health problems, including diabetes, chronic bronchitis, gastrointestinal issues, and sinus infections can send your breath plunging to a level of stench you have never experienced before. If normal remedies do not adequately address halitosis, you may want to consider visiting a healthcare professional.

If you decide you would like to see a dentist about your breath, please do not hesitate to contact Leikin & Baylin Dental Care. We are a team of highly trained Catonsville dentists who will be more than happy to sit down with you about any of your dental needs. Whether the cause is tartar, cavities, or gum disease, we will help you identify it, treat it, and eliminate it.

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