The Importance of Mouthwash

You hear time and time again that you must brush and floss twice a day. But you don’t always hear that using mouthwash can protect your mouth from bacteria too.iStock_000000297278_ExtraSmall

Mouthwash is often associated with bad breath and though that can hamper ones social life, it’s also linked to improper oral hygiene. Mouthwash also helps gently remove food debris particles that may stick to the enamel.

Right after you brush and floss your teeth, make sure you use mouthwash. Mouthwash has ingredients that target the remaining signs of plaque and can help with those who have sensitive gums.

Strong brushing can lead to discomfort and and mouth wash prevents bacteria from developing in severely irritated areas. Anyone who has had deep scaling, extractions and even oral cosmetic surgery should use mouthwash.

Different types of mouthwash fits different needs. If you have periodantal or gingival problems, consult with Leikin and Baylin Dental Care.

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Mouthwash: Why you need it

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