Teeth Whitening: The top foods and drinks that are staining your teeth


One sip of red wine and you have got a bright red smile as a reminder that your pearly whites are in trouble. It’s no secret that drinks like red wine and coffee are causing your teeth to yellow with every gulp, but dark coloring is not the only factor affecting your smile.

What causes stains?

Though it is incredibly hard, tooth enamel is not incredibly smooth. Enamel is full of ridges, pits and cracks that provide perfect hiding places for the pigments that go along with some of our favorite drinks and foods. Certain foods and drinks can even worsen the state of your enamel, causing even worse staining.

What foods and drinks should be avoided?

While most people are aware that coffee and red wine can stand in the way of your teeth whitening dreams, there are plenty of lighter looking foods that find their own sneaky ways to stain your teeth.

It turns out white wine can be just as volatile for your teeth as red wine. While the lighter hue is not as noticeable as deep red, the acidity of the wine can cause enamel erosion making your teeth much more vulnerable to other offenders.

Another acidic trouble maker that people don’t often think of is soda. While it seems logical that dark colored cola is problematic, you might think you’re in the clear if you stick with a lightly colored one. The truth is that the acid in any soda can make it tougher to maintain a newly whitened smile.

Popular condiments like soy sauce, tomato sauce and balsamic vinegar are all threats that you might not consider when you sit down to lunch. The brown and red coloring of these products can easily stick in the crevasses of your enamel.

Fruits are hailed for their rainbow of shades and health benefits, but their sugary juices can wreak havoc on your teeth, especially when you’re dealing with things like pomegranates and blueberries. Sticking to raw fruits is a better way to get your fruit for the day while maintaining your bright smile.

How can you enjoy these foods without worries?

Asking someone to cut their daily cup of coffee or skip that glass of wine with dinner is quite a lot to beg of someone. Instead, enjoy a glass of water with your damaging drinks. Alternate sips of coffee with sips of water. This will help rinse away some of those nasty dark pigments.

For pesky teeth staining condiments, try snacking with crunchy lettuces or celery. These foods can act as a natural tooth brush, scrubbing stains and your troubles away.

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