Should I use Mouthwash?

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Add mouthwash to your dental hygiene routine and experience the benefits.

We all know that mouthwash is a quick and effective fix when you’ve got to meet with clients after a garlicky pasta lunch, but do you know about the other benefits swishing? Sure, it can be a struggle to deal with the quick burning sensation of your thirty second gargle, but you’ll be doing wonders for your smile and leave you with minty fresh breath that will dazzle all of the close talkers in your life. If you’re looking for a simple addition to your dental hygiene routine, consider mouthwash. It has more benefits than you may know.

Prevent Plaque

When bacteria are allowed to grown and feed in your mouth, it leads to a sticky, hard substance called plaque. When plaque plagues your teeth, and forms on, around, and under your gums and teeth, it can lead to issues like gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, and halitosis. These issues can range from minor to serious, but none are pleasant. Dental hygiene is centered on preventing and combating plaque. In general, mouthwash isn’t an effective tool when it comes to reducing the amount of plaque in your mouth once it’s already there, but regular mouthwash use can help prevent it. When you swish with mouthwash, you kill bacteria and create an unpleasant environment for plaque to build. Next time you get your teeth professionally cleaned, start your mouthwash routine and keep your mouth plaque-free for a longer amount of time.

Cleaning Abilities

Many people employ mouthwash as a post tooth brushing finish. It leaves your mouth feeling extra refreshed, sparklingly clean, and sets you up with especially delightful breath. This is a great use of mouthwash, but it can be even more effective when used prior to brushing. The swishing action of your mouth combined with the cleaning abilities of your mouthwash, is great at removing excess food particles. Once you go to brush your teeth, they will be free of food, and you will be able to focus more on clearing away plaque and really scrubbing those pearly whites.

Enamel Strength

There are many varieties of mouthwash on the market, and each one claims a different strength. If your teeth are particularly prone to sensitivity and cavities, it could be because your enamel isn’t quite as strong as it should be. In this case, a mouthwash containing fluoride can be a great help. This addition will help to keep your enamel stronger, and thus prevent such unpleasant issues.

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