Is Relaxation Dentistry Right for Me?

A little anxiety before sitting down in the dentist’s chair is a natural feeling to have. But for some patients, that little bit of anxiety begins weeks before the appointment and only gets worse as the appointment grows closer. It may even grow to the point where the patient skips their appointment altogether, too nervous to go through with even a routine cleaning procedure! While many factors could cause this kind of fear, finding a solution for it is essential to ensuring you get the dental care you need to maintain a healthy mouth. Your Catonsville dentist is here to explain one possible solution: relaxation dentistry.

relaxationdentistryAm I a Good Candidate for Relaxation Dentistry?

If you have had a longstanding anxiety when it comes to your dental visits, then you may have already considered the possibility of relaxation dentistry. While this approach to dental appointments and procedures is not for everyone, it may be for you if you have a highly-developed fear of dentists or needles, if you have had a particularly traumatic dental experience in the past, if your teeth and gums are extremely sensitive, or if you do not react strongly to the local anesthetics sometimes used in dental procedures.

What Does Relaxation Dentistry Entail?

Relaxation dentistry is designed to help patients achieve a peaceful state of mind going in to their dental appointment. If you use this method, you will be given a pill to relax and after establishing your comfort level, your dental team will proceed as usual with your appointment. Relaxation dentistry not only eliminates discomfort during the procedure, but afterwards you will be able to leave the dental appointment with minimal discomfort as well.

If you think that relaxation dentistry could be the right choice for you, call your Catonsville dentist today!

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