Questions to Ask Before Getting a Bridge or Crown

Questions to Ask Before Getting a Bridge or Crown

What are some of the questions that you should ask before having a crown or bridge installed?

When you have a tooth that needs to be restored, there are numerous potential solutions. One of the most popular ones is a crown. Crowns and bridges are an effective way to protect your tooth and make it more aesthetically pleasing by correcting the shape, size, or color. What are some of the questions that you should ask before having a crown or bridge installed?

Is a Dental Crown or Bridge Right For Me?

Just like any type of medical procedure, what is appropriate for one person is not necessarily appropriate for everyone. Some of the signs that you are a good candidate for a dental crown or bridge include:

  • You have one or more teeth that are damaged, missing, or falling out
  • You are able to commit to caring for the crown or bridge, including visiting the dentist potentially more than once to have the process completed
  • If you are receiving a bridge, you have two healthy teeth on the sides of the place that will be filled with the bridge

Your dentist can evaluate you to determine what solution is the best for your needs. 

How Can You Find the Right Dentist?

Because both procedures have a big effect on your smile, you want to take your time in choosing the right provider for your crown or bridge. Make sure that you ask how much experience your dentist has. They should also be totally receptive to any questions that you have. 

How Long Will Your Crown or Bridge Last?

The length of time that your crown or bridge lasts will depend on a variety of factors. For example, you will need to maintain good oral hygiene in order for your bridge to last. If the teeth on either side of your bridge need root canals or crowns, you will need to explore other options to replace your teeth in the future. You should also avoid eating overly hard foods that can crack the bridge or crown. 

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