Preparing For Halloween with a Teen Who Wears Braces

While gorging on massive amounts of candy is not the best dental health decision for any person, it is an even worse one for someone who wears braces. With Halloween just around the corner, your teen might be getting excited for the influx of sugary sweets they will be getting. But if your teen is undergoing orthodontic work, many of those treats could end up being a bit tricky. Read on to find out tips on how your teen can best approach this holiday and have fun while still keeping their braces intact and functioning their best!

Brush after every MealWhat Candy Should My Teen Avoid To Protect Their Braces?

Your Catonsville dentist will recommend avoiding just about all types of candy while wearing braces, as the sugar can lead to tooth decay and cavities. However, avoiding candy altogether on Halloween is, we understand, next to impossible! It is important to know what candies should absolutely be avoided, however, as certain types really can do damage to your teen’s braces and the perfect smile they are helping them to develop. Sticky, chewy candies such as taffy and gum are definitely out; they can stick to the metal of your teen’s braces and become stuck in them easily! Similarly textured treats are also out of the question: Tootsie Rolls, Starbursts, and caramels. Your teen should also avoid candy that is hard when they bite down on it, or else let that kind of candy properly dissolve in their mouth rather than biting it (as long as they brush afterwards!).

Of all the candy types out there, plain chocolate candy poses the least problems to your teen’s braces, as it is not chewy or hard enough to break the metal of their braces. However, the sugar still remains the biggest threat to their dental health here, so be sure to encourage them to brush thoroughly afterwards in order to maintain a healthy, cavity-free smile!

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