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As a parent, it’s more than reasonable to contemplate who should surround our children but you can trust in our pediatric dentistry services

If you’re In Baltimore County and looking for a dentist’s office that specializes in pediatric dentistry, then choosing us is an excellent choice. Catonsville Dental Care is a fun, caring, and warm place to be! Just check out our latest Facebook video! Not only is our job to transform smiles, but we like to make people smile by making them feel right at home. As a parent, it’s more than reasonable to contemplate who should surround our children. While we love to laugh and joke, we take pediatric dentistry seriously, as well as family dentistry in general. From ages 3 to 103, we want each of our patients to feel valued, and like family while providing them with expert service. You can trust in us. Today we’ll be offering some dental health tips that will positively impact your children. 

Become a Role Mole for Your Children

Parents devote their time to teaching their children how to do the right things in life. This same idea should spill over into dental health. Children are sponges that sit back, observe, and pick up the behaviors that they see around them. Because children love to imitate what goes on around them, we suggest that you brush and floss with your kids. Sending children to brush their teeth makes it seem like more of a chore. Making teeth brushing and flossing with your children could become a fun, daily routine.

Teach Your Children That Fruits and Veggies are Delicious 

Most children would prefer to eat french fries, chicken nuggets, and sweet treats. A lot of kids often turn their nose up when you stick a vegetable in front of them. It’s time to change the narrative. Talk to your children about the positives of eating fruits and vegetables. Tell them about the dangers of cavities. You can become creative with cooking as well. Some parents arrange fruits and vegetables in a visually appealing way that will make children more inclined to want to eat the food. Also, some children (and adults) are more likely to digest fruits and vegetables in smoothie form.

Give Your Children Positive Affirmation and Rewards

Everyone wants to know that they’re doing a good job. Challenge your children to keep up with brushing, flossing, and eating healthily. If they achieve this, then tell them how proud you are of them. You can take things even further by rewarding them with a movie night or other incentives that will help make your children smile from ear to ear. 

Oral Care from Catonsville Dental Care

Whether you want to whiten your teeth, straighten your teeth or have a wisdom tooth extracted Catonsville Dental Care offers a wide variety of services when it comes to oral health. We have the experience and understanding to diagnose and treat any problem you have as quickly and painlessly as possible. With four dentists available at our office and commitment to comfort, safety, and relaxation you can’t find a better provider for your health. We look forward to helping you keep your smile perfect all year long and talking with you about your needs. To schedule an appointment or consultation, visit us online or give us a call at 410-747-1115. For more tips and tricks follow us on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter,andYouTube.

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