Overcrowded Teeth: How to Tell When Extractions Are Necessary

Solutions for Overcrowded Teeth

Overcrowded teeth is a dental health issue that should not be overlooked

Many people have overcrowded teeth, and most people don’t have a perfect smile. It takes some work to improve your smile’s appearance, and you can trust the dentists here at Catonsville Dental Care to help you do that. Today we’re going to shed some light on facts about overcrowded teeth and let you know when tooth extractions are necessary. We’ll also give you an alternative to tooth extractions: Invisalign

When Do Tooth Extractions Come Into Play? 

  1. If you want to eliminate the overcrowding, removing some teeth will be necessary – In many cases, the jaw is merely not wide enough to support overcrowded teeth. A crowd of teeth in the mouth can cause teeth to shift or erupt into improper and uncomfortable positions. When you remove one or two teeth and add Invisalign into the mix, it can allow all of your teeth to move back into the right place.
  2. Speech Improvement – Protruding teeth are problematic. When your front teeth begin to protrude, it affects not only your appearance because it can cause your lips to poke out, but it impacts your speech patterns as well. Tooth extractions of the back teeth can help the front teeth return to a straight line.
  3. If you want to take away extra (and unnecessary) teeth – It is possible for a person to have more than 32 teeth. These additional teeth apply a lot of pressure and make teeth form odd, tiny, or large shapes. A solution is removing these extra teeth, and then Invisalign aligners can work their magic to shift the other teeth over to fill in spaces.
  4. Impacted Teeth Removal – When there is not enough space available, a tooth will grow beyond or on top of a neighboring tooth. An infection may also begin to develop if this impacted tooth remains in the gum or comes out next to another tooth. Dental X-Rays help to find impacted teeth. For all of your teeth to align correctly, one of the conflicting teeth will need an extraction. 

Invisalign: The Perfect, Comfortable Way to Combat Overcrowded Teeth

Invisalign is a game-changing alternative to traditional braces. You can eat in comfort because you can remove the aligners. Aligners hurt less (if at all) than metal brackets. Teens and adults alike will enjoy Invisalign because, well, aligners are virtually invisible. They don’t affect your appearance. Quite frankly, no one likes tooth extractions. If your wisdom teeth were ever removed, then we’re sure that you’ll appreciate this alternative to correct overcrowded teeth. 

In a nutshell, teeth overcrowding is an issue because it leads to:

  • Bone Disease
  • Gum loss
  • Cavities

So, please don’t take your dental health lightly and reach out to us today.

Oral Care from Catonsville Dental Care

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