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How to Tell If You Might Need A Root Canal

There are multiple signs that a tooth may need a root canal. To understand why you may need a root canal, first you need to understand the characteristics of your teeth. Teeth are “tough” on the outside, but inside they have a soft core called a nerve chamber. This inner core is made up of nerve tissue and blood vessels that feed the nerve. If a nerve degenerates completely the tissues die and gangrene develops. The nerve chamber may also become infected in some cases.

A tooth needs a root canal when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected. A tooth may be infected if it is sensitive to hot, cold, or chewing, causes pain or swelling, keeps you awake at night, creates a bad taste in your mouth, or you may have no symptoms at all. When a root canal is done, your symptoms will dissipate because the nerve will have been removed from the tooth.

Here are a few tips to noticing if you need a root canal:

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