How to Calm Your Dental Anxiety

How to Calm Your Dental Anxiety
Dental anxiety can affect everyone and make it really difficult to do what you need to.

One of the reasons that almost every early-childhood cartoon features a “don’t be afraid of the dentist” episode is that dental anxiety is so incredibly common. Kids have it, teens have, it adults have it. Dental anxiety can affect everyone and make it really difficult to do what you need to – make it to those incredibly important dental appointments. Read on for some great tips to help calm your dental anxiety.

Be Honest

Tell your dentist about your anxiety a head of time, and if it is really bad have them note it in your chart. Once you get to the appointment, go ahead and remind them that you’re very anxious. It sometimes helps to have the dentist explain exactly what is going to happen, even if it is a procedure you’ve done before. 

Clear Your Day

Don’t fill your entire day with other things in an effort to keep your mind off the appointment – it will only result in your feeling rushed and nervous and even more overwhelmed. Limit your other commitments before the appointment  so you don’t have to rush don’t schedule things right after so you can take some time to relax. 

Limit Caffeine And Sugar

Most dentists would advice limiting these two items anyway, but it is especially true on the day of your appointment. Having extra sugar and caffeine in your system can make you more jittery and nervous than you would be anyway without it, making it even harder to calm down at the appointment. Stick to water instead.

Don’t Skip Appointments

When your nerves are getting the best of you, it is tempting to just skip the thing that is hard to do – don’t. Putting of the appointments just makes it worse when you finally get around to it. Take it slow if you need to, but get to the appointments and you will likely see that your fear was making things worse than they actually are. The appointments are also an important part of your dental health routine.

Consider Medication

In cases where you really cannot relax enough to get to or through the appointment, your doctor or dentist might prescribe medication to help (especially in an emergency dental situation). In most cases, this is a medication that you take before heading to the appointment, and it is designed to ease your anxiety and make it easier for you to get through the appointment.

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