How Invisalign Can Treat Crowded Teeth Properly

How Invisalign Can Treat Crowded Teeth Properly

Invisalign clear aligners are capable of resolving the majority of cases, from young mouths containing both primary and permanent teeth overbites and much more.

Say goodbye to the usual metal braces of yesterday when it comes to correcting the diverse range of dental concerns and misaligned smiles. We at Catonsville Dental Care offer Invisalign and Invisalign for kids, which allows kids, teens, and adults to attain much better smiles with reduced discomfort, improved hygiene, and zero diet limits. Invisalign clear aligners are capable of resolving the majority of cases, from young mouths containing both primary and permanent teeth overbites and much more. Read on to learn about the scope of Invisalign’s capabilities with crowded teeth!

Invisalign Treatable Cases with Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth refer to a dental condition where the teeth inside a patient’s mouth are misaligned due to factors like small jaw, big teeth, or a combination of both. Teeth are usually bunched up, overlapped, and twisted, as well as pushed to the front or back. This problem can result in problems in cleaning the teeth effectively, leading to potential gum disease and tooth decay. Also, it could cause issues in biting and chewing food, leading to serious discomfort in the jaw and headaches as well.

Problems that Crowded Teeth Could Cause

Crowded teeth could cause several issues, like:

  • Difficulty flossing and brushing. When your teeth are crowded, it could be hard to reach all of the surfaces of your teeth with floss and a toothbrush. This could lead to serious tooth decay and other oral diseases.
  • Jaw pain and headaches. Crowded teeth could stress your jaw muscles, leading to pain and other headaches.
  • Speech issues. Crowded teeth could make it challenging to pronounce certain sounds.
  • Emotional issues. A few people with crowded teeth feel self-conscious about their smile, which leads to emotional issues like low self-esteem and other anxiety problems.

If you’ve noticed any of these problems, then it’s time to contact Catonsville Dental Care. Early treatment could help to prevent more severe issues down the line. Crowded teeth could put pressure on the jaw. This can make it very difficult to bite and chew food correctly. Crowding can also cause Temporomandibular joint disorder, where a patient experiences bad pain, jaw clicking, and jaw popping.

Catonsville Dental Care Can Handle All of Your Oral Care Needs

Catonsville Dental Care offers a wide variety of services when it comes to oral health. We have the experience and understanding to diagnose and treat any problem you have as quickly and painlessly as possible. With four dentists available at our office and a commitment to comfort, safety, and relaxation, you can’t find a better provider for your health. We look forward to helping you keep your smile perfect all year long and talking with you about your needs. To schedule an appointment or consultation, visit us online or give us a call at 410-747-1115. For more tips and tricks, follow us on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube.

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