How Invisalign Can Help with Gapped Teeth

How Invisalign Can Help with Gapped Teeth

An Invisalign consultation team like Catonsville Dental Care can help determine if Invisalign is right for gapped teeth.

Invisalign is a very smart alternative to the traditional metal braces. It uses custom, clear trays that will gently straighten teeth into a perfect position. Unlike braces, Invisalign is nearly invisible and could be discreetly worn at all times. It could treat various cases, from overcrowding to crossbite and much more. An Invisalign consultation team like Catonsville Dental Care can help determine if Invisalign is right for your dental issues, like gapped teeth. Read on to learn more!

Gap Teeth and Invisalign Treatment

Gapped teeth are another common issue that Invisalign could treat. While fashion labels and other marketing campaigns have popularized gapped teeth, they can be a serious issue. Gap teeth could cause several issues, from tooth decay to gum disease. Having space between your front two teeth is the most common type of gap teeth, which is known as midline diastema, but gap teeth could happen anywhere in your mouth. Sometimes in a few rare cases, there might be a gap in between each tooth.

Which Problems Do Gap Teeth Cause?

Gap teeth allow for food buildup, which can create plaque buildup. This buildup could create cavities, leading to tooth decay and other gum disease. In addition, gap teeth could create uneven pressure on teeth while chewing. This inconsistent pressure results in uneven wear and tear among your teeth. In other words, some teeth will decay quicker than others, so people with gap teeth may destroy and lose some of their teeth if the problem isn’t fixed.

How Do Gap Teeth Affect Your Jaw Bone?

Gapped teeth affect the alveolar bone, or the bone that will house the roots of your teeth, by weakening it. If teeth are spaced a bit too far, the bone won’t be stimulated, which can result in bone loss. Stimulation of the bone is essential since stimulation, like biting or chewing, strengthens the bone. If the alveolar bone isn’t stimulated, it becomes weakened, so it can’t hold the roots of one’s teeth, which results in tooth loss. Luckily, Invisalign could prevent these problems by fixing gap teeth. To learn how we at Catonsville Dental Care can help with gap teeth through Invisalign treatment, give us a call!

Catonsville Dental Care Can Handle All of Your Oral Care Needs

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