Holiday Snacks That Won’t Impact Your Dental Health Negatively

Healthy Holiday Snacks Catonsville Dental Care

Go for Grinch Poppers if you want an alternative to super sugary snacks

“Snacks” and “dental health” probably seem as if they don’t go together. When people think about snacks, chips, cookies, and a boatload of unhealthy food probably come to mind. However, there is a healthy way to snack. We know that this year, it may be hard to get into the holiday spirit, but cooking is one of many ways to do so. When you cook, it’s an opportunity to bring the family together. It’s a fun activity because you be as creative as you’d like. You can rave about these holiday snacks, and guess what? They’re surprisingly good for you. 

Snowmen Made with Eggs

You can create a winter wonderland on a plate. Hard-boiled egg snowmen are super fun to make! You can use carrots for the nose and peppercorns for the snowmen’s buttons. Eggs are an excellent source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to absorb, carry, and deposit calcium to your bones, which, as a result, helps support your teeth. Carrots are vegetables that help to clean your teeth. Plus, they’re good for your eyes. As you know, dental health and overall health have a connection

Penguins Made From Black Olives

Penguins are genuinely adorable. If you haven’t watched Happy Feet with your children, then we recommend it. Use black olives (high in vitamin E) for the penguins’ heads, backs, and sides, cream cheese for the belly (a great source of calcium), and carrots for the claws. 

Reindeers With Cheese, Pretzels, Peppers, and Olives

Cheese, once again, is calcium-rich and depicts the face of a reindeer. If you want your reindeer to have the perfect-sized olive eyes, use a small straw (e.g., the size of a Capri Sun straw) to cut and round out your olives. For the red pepper nose, use a much bigger straw. The pretzels, of course, represent the antlers. 

How to Recreate the Grinch That Stole Christmas

When you eat fruit, it’s a much better option than sugary snacks. Use a marshmallow to represent the top of the Grinch’s hat. Underneath this marshmallow is where you can place a strawberry, followed by a banana, to recreate all of the Grinch’s famous hat. Use a grape for the Grinch’s face. 

Keep in mind to eat these snacks in moderation, primarily the Grinch poppers and the cheesy reindeer snack. Pretzels have sodium in them, and marshmallows have a decent amount of sugar. Brush your teeth and floss if possible after snacking or, at the minimum, drink water to wash away any residue or bacteria. For more dentist-approved recipes, keep reading our content! 

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