Everything to Know About Tooth Stains

Everything to Know About Tooth Stains
Tooth stains are all too common among people — and one of the leading causes for people to visit their dentist.

For the most part, when it comes to a healthy mouth, tooth stains usually aren’t part of the picture. In fact, tooth stains are all too common among people — and one of the leading causes for people to visit their dentist. The reality is, there are so many different reasons why your teeth might be stained — beyond just food or smoking. Ultimately, tooth stains aren’t just unsightly, they can lead to degradation overall. Here are some key things to know about tooth stains and how to beat them before they ruin your oral health. 

Consider Dental Care And Trauma

There is no denying that improper dental hygiene practices can create stains on your teeth. In fact, if you aren’t flossing or brushing your teeth regularly, properly, and routinely, you are likely to end up with stains on your teeth quite rapidly. The reality is, improper dental care isn’t the only cause of stained teeth — if you experienced a certain illness or oral trauma, you might end up with stained teeth as well. Ultimately, oral health is severely impacted by your overall health and any illness can lead to teeth stains as well. 

Internal Teeth Stains

Overall, there are a few different types of teeth stains. In fact, one of the most common types of tooth stains include those that typically extend underneath the tooth’s surface and are usually referred to as intrinsic stains. The reality is, these types of tooth stains tend to occur as a result of consuming a stain-inducing substance — like red wine or tobacco. Ultimately, even excessive fluoride consumption — particularly in children — can likely lead to the presence of tooth stains overall. 

External Teeth Stains

Similarly, there are teeth stains that can occur externally — compared to those internal ones just discussed. In fact, in terms of tooth stains, external ones are also incredibly common. The reality is, external tooth stains tend to arise when stains have already built-up within the protein-based layer of the enamel of the tooth itself. Ultimately, external tooth stains typically are caused from tobacco use as well as ingesting certain foods and drinks that have a higher likelihood of staining teeth generally. 

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