Discover the Truth About Botox in Baltimore County

Not only do we take care of dermal lip fillers, but we handle botox treatment as well.

Not only do we take care of dermal lip fillers, but we handle botox treatment as well. If you live in the Baltimore County area and you’re curious about Botox, then we have some myths to debunk today. Not only do we want to help make you feel more confident about your smile, but we want to help you age gracefully as well. Discover the truth about Botox as we share some common myths with you today and debunk them.

Botox Injections are Excruciatingly Painful

Many patients say that they barely feel anything at all. If so, it’s only a slight pinch. Here we specialize in sedation. What that means is we have topical anesthesia that can numb you during the process so that you don’t feel it. We also use injectors designed specifically for Botox so that the experience will be more comforting than harmful.

You Won’t Be Able to Move Your Face With Botox.

Botox doesn’t prohibit you from emoting or making facial expressions. The treatment, in contrast, relaxes the muscles at the injection site. When you have skilled and certified experts such as us performing the procedure, then you can feel less anxious about suffering from a frozen face. The issue with some celebrities is that they tend to overdo it. Here, we’ll make sure that you look natural. 

This Procedure is Only Suitable for Removing Wrinkles and Smoothing Fine Lines

While we don’t specialize in this field, Botox can treat strabismus or problems with eye muscles. It also has other medical uses such as curing migraines, neck and back pain, and hyperhidrosis. Regarding dentistry, it can help with teeth grinding and helps to realign the jaw bone structure. 

Botox Worsens Wrinkles if You Stop Treatment

Your fine lines or wrinkles will not worsen. They will, however, return to how they were before treatment. Make sure to keep up with treatment every four to six months.

The Treatment is Lethal

The FDA approves this treatment. It’s not toxic or lethal. It would take an extreme amount of dosages for it to be dangerous. If you live in the Baltimore County area and have more questions, then give us a call or come in to see us.

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