Discover the Benefits of Root Canal Treatment in Ellicott City

Root canal treatment is one way that you can save your teeth

We serve multiple areas in Maryland, including Ellicott City. If you’re an Ellicott City or Maryland resident in general, then we’d like to educate about the benefits of root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is ideal for patients that experience tooth decay, severe toothaches, and tooth sensitivity. During this procedure, dentists treat exposed and severed tooth nerves or remove bacteria from the infected pulp. If you’ve been delaying root canal treatment, then this could cause adverse effects on your oral health. Today we’ll discuss some of the many benefits of root canal treatment. 

Infection Won’t Spread to Nearby Teeth

Tooth decay or tooth loss is a result of bacteria on the tooth cavity. Root canal therapy removes this bacteria. After this, a dentist cleans and disinfects the tooth, which will prevent toothache tooth decay. When a dentist treats the infected tooth, bacteria cannot spread.

You’ll Like the Way You Look.

Root canal therapy involves finishing the treatment of the tooth pulp or nerve with a crown or dental filling. The tooth-colored crown or filling is natural-looking and appealing. You’ll appreciate your new and improved look. 

Root Canal Treatment Saves Your Teeth

Proper oral health involves taking care of your teeth so that you preserve them and keep your enamel healthy. Root canal therapy is one way that you can save your teeth. You won’t have to worry about losing a tooth or having a large gap. You can look forward to your teeth, returning to a healthy state and functioning like any other teeth. 

Preserve Your Jawbone

When teeth remain intact, so does the jawbone. When tooth loss happens, the jawbone deteriorates over time. Waiting to take care of your oral health, will only create severe issues. The body is interconnected, meaning that when one part of the body begins suffering, it’s a domino effect. To give an example, if a person with diabetes does not control their sugar intake, not only will this impact their endocrine system negatively, but it also affects their oral health. 

Do you need an assessment of your oral health? Then come to one of the best dentist’s offices in Baltimore County. We’re less than 10 minutes away from Ellicott City! 

Root Canal Therapy from Catonsville Dental Care for Ellicott City Residents

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