Discover the Benefits Behind the Lip Flip in Elkridge

The lip flip can help your lips look fuller

Sometimes it isn’t enough to have beautiful, straight, white teeth. For your smile to be what you want, your lips also have to look the way you like. A new procedure in achieving subtly plump, youthful lips is called the lip flip, and it is becoming trendy. If you’re an Elkridge resident, then see what the hype is. We’re less than 20 minutes away from Elkridge. Read on to see what the lip flip is and how it works. 

What Is a Lip Flip?

Lip flip is a procedure that uses Botox to enhance just the upper lip. The treatment causes the upper lip to roll up slightly, which makes more of the mouth visible. It produces a more subtle effect than standard lip filler treatments. 

How Does It Work?

For this procedure, a specialist makes a series of injections into the muscle just above the upper lip. The Botox causes this section of the tissue to relax slightly, which makes the whole lip curl up a little. This process makes the upper lip look bigger because more of it is visible. This treatment can also help smooth lines around the mouth. 

Will It Look Natural?

Lip flip is an excellent way to achieve a very natural result, but it requires a skilled practitioner to achieve it. Make sure to choose a highly experienced specialist in Elkridge who has a thorough knowledge of anatomy and a lot of experience. If they use too much Botox, it could make it hard to do some lip movements, like drinking through a straw until it wears off. 

How Is It Different Than Fillers?

The lip flip is a different treatment than traditional lip fillers, but not a direct replacement. For some patients, the lip flip will be the ideal treatment to get the result they want. For others, only a traditional filler will work. Other patients may wish to have both a lip flip and a traditional lip filler. Lip flip is ideal for patients who want a short term solution. It will get you through the holiday seasons this winter. If you want fuller lips but don’t want more volume, or want to achieve more pout to the top lip subtly, then the lip flip is ideal for you.

Is It Expensive?

The treatment price is usually about $80-$200 per treatment, which makes it more cost-effective than many other treatments. Although the effect is subtle, it is typically noticeable within a few days to a week of treatment, and the result can last for three to four months. While this means that you’re retreating more often than traditional lip fillers, the effect is more subtle but impactful than you could achieve otherwise.

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