Dermal Fillers in Arbutus, MD

Dermal Fillers Arbutus, MD Catonsville Dental Care

If you’re an Arbutus, MD resident looking for subtle yet amazing changes to your face, we have you covered

Arbutus, MD residents, we’re here to tell you some fantastic things about dermal fillers! If your goal is to have a radiant, supple, and younger-looking face, dermal fillers may be the perfect solution for you. With Arbutus being less than 10 minutes from Catonsville Dental Care, you don’t have to travel far for your transformation. Are you on the fence about this procedure? Are you merely unaware of all that’s involved? We’re here to tell you a few things that you should know about dermal fillers. 

The Makeup of Dermal Fillers

In contrast to Botox or Dysport, dermal fillers contain neurotoxins, which produces collagen and allows wrinkles to disappear. Juvederm uses hyaluronic acid (a chemical that naturally forms in our skin) to redefine and brings life back to a patient’s appearance. Hyaluronic acid stores moisture that gives the skin hydration. This acid can topically moisturize skin, but it’s also injectable. An injection works very well because it stimulates the body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid. Only in an injectable form is lost volume restored. As a result, patients look youthful and vibrant. 


This cosmetic procedure is popular because it only takes one visit for patients to notice a significant difference. Just one injection lasts between three to six months. 

Will It Be Super Obvious?

Many people are skeptical of some cosmetic procedures. In Hollywood, quite honestly, some celebrities overdo facial enhancements. Duck lips and a serious pout won’t be the results of this procedure. You will look natural, the results are noticeable but subtle, and you’re going to love how you look. 


HA fillers are safe. Once again, your body already creates this substance, so there is low risk. Juvederm is FDA-approved. 

The Perfect Candidate 

The perfect candidate for this procedure would be someone who wants to:

  • Reverse the Aging Process 
  • Restore volume Where acne scars are
  • Make Sunken or Droopy Cheeks Plumper

We should also note that this cosmetic procedure is not ideal for anyone nursing or a chronic smoker. Dermal fillers are excellent because it’s a non-surgical procedure that can rejuvenate your face. If you’re an Arbutus, MD resident, or Baltimore County resident who is interested, reach out to Catonsville Dental Care today. 

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