Dental Health Nighttime Routine and Its Significance

Dental Health Nighttime Tips Catonsville Dental Care
Here are the core reasons why a dental health nighttime routine is so significant

You know how much it matters to take care of your dental health. You’ve also probably read or heard 1,000 times that you should brush your teeth twice daily, but why? Why does brushing your teeth at night matter? Here are the core reasons why a dental health nighttime routine is so significant. 

Why the “Twice a Day” Rule?

When you brush your teeth twice within 24 hours, you increase the chances of removing food particles, debris, and bacteria. When you get rid of these substances, you prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Each time that you skip brushing your teeth, your mouth is more susceptible to bacteria buildup. All it takes is a two-minute brush to eliminate it. 

So, Why Does a Dental Health Nighttime Routine Matter so Much? 

During the day, the food that you eat leaves particles and debris on your teeth that feed bacteria. Saliva helps prevent bacteria because it has anti-bacterial properties and neutralizes your mouth’s acid levels while washing away food remnants. But did you know that saliva production decreases during the night? With this in mind, plaque and bacteria can form and wreak havoc on your enamel, which you don’t want, of course. In short, you don’t want plaque and bacteria to accumulate overnight. 

Why is Plaque Not Ideal? 

When you don’t brush, and plaque sticks to your teeth, it calcifies, meaning that it becomes yellow with a hardened texture. The new substance that forms is “tartar.” Tartar can grow exponentially the more that you don’t brush your teeth. Plaque turning into tartar is not ideal because tartar can lead to cavities and even tooth loss if not properly managed. 

I Don’t Brush My Teeth at Night Often or at all: What Do I Do? 

The best way to counteract improper dental health habits is to schedule a dental appointment. One of our highly skilled and compassionate dentists can take a look at your mouth, examine it thoroughly, and see if you have any cavities or may be at risk for dental diseases. Also, it’s never too late to improve. You can start tonight and bask in how joyful it is to brush away all of the food particles. What a joyous feeling to have clean teeth! 

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