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Today we will discuss how to gauge if you need crowns versus a dental filling

Today we will discuss how to gauge if you need crowns versus a dental filling. There are many ways to restore your teeth, and it all depends on the severity of the condition. Everyone wants a bright, straight, and healthy smile, but it isn’t always clear all the steps you should take to get there outside of brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash. For this reason, you should never miss a dental appointment. When you come to the dentist, we can detect early signs of gum disease and help you put your smile on track. If you’re an Elkridge, MD resident looking for a new dental home, Catonsville Dental Care can take care of you and your entire household. Here is what you need to know about crowns versus dental fillings. 

Crowns and Dental Fillings Defined

When a tooth experiences decay or has cavities, the standard solution is a dental filling. The filling material most often used in porcelain and applying a dental filling is straightforward and pain-free. Dental fillings are an excellent option because they prevent bacteria from spreading and restore the tooth’s health. Dentists will use them if the decay is not severe. A dental filling lasts about five years. 

On the other hand, you can think of dental crowns as tooth caps. They cover the tooth entirely and are ideal for a tooth with jeopardized structural integrity. If there is breakage or a fracture, a dentist may recommend a crown. The most common material for crowns, just like dental fillings, is porcelain. Crowns look and feel like natural teeth, are more expensive than fillings, and can last over a decade if the patient takes care of their teeth properly. 

The Factors That Determine If You Need a Crown Vs. a Filling

  1. Cavity Size: If a cavity goes undetected for a long time, it grows, and if it affects a large portion of the tooth, a crown will be the better option.
  2. The Tooth’s Condition: If a particular tooth required fillings over and over again, a crown might be in order. The more fillings a tooth needs, the more likely a tooth’s original structure becomes jeopardized, making biting and chewing normally an issue. 
  3. Cracked, Chipped, or Broken Teeth: It’s not practical to use dental fillings to restore chipped or damaged teeth. The point is that you want to replicate the original appearance of the tooth and prevent further damage and susceptibility to infections. 
  4. The Core of The Tooth: If the tooth’s core is infected, a dentist will most likely place a root canal over a crown to save the tooth from extraction

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