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We specialize in children’s dentistry in Columbia, MD.

We specialize in children’s dentistry in Columbia, MD. Dental health and oral hygiene are essential skills that are best established early in childhood, making sure your kids get to their children’s dentistry appointments. Unfortunately, they’re not fun or exciting, usually, so most kids have little interest. So it’s a parent’s responsibility to help kids learn the right dental habits they need as they grow, even when it results in a battle of wills. If you’re having trouble keeping your kids to a good oral routine, keep these reasons in mind and carry on. 

Dental Habits And Heart Health

Poor dental habits lead to tartar build-up and, eventually, gingivitis. This, on its own, is an issue, but it can also lead to other health concerns. The most surprising of these is heart disease. Gingivitis is associated with an increased risk of heart disease; however, if it advances to periodontal disease, the heart’s risk increases by 20%.

Additionally, gingivitis has been linked to diabetes, hypertension, and stroke as well. Thankfully, gingivitis can be prevented through a good oral care routine. It can also be corrected if it develops through brushing and visiting your pediatric dentist in Catonsville. 

Dental Habits And Mouth Health

We focus a lot on flossing and brushing dental health practices because they are the framework for total mouth health. Brushing and flossing protect teeth directly against tooth decay and cavities, but they also protect against gum disease that can lead to gingivitis and has been linked to cancer later in life. It’s true: studies have shown that failing to brush and floss can result in gum disease that leads to an increased risk of multiple types of cancers, including pancreatic, kidney, lung, and blood cancers. 

Dental Habits And Education

Studies show that dental health issues account for over 51 million hours of missed school each year. Kids missing school has a considerable impact on academic performance. Frequent absences have been shown in research to lead to lower scores in both math and reading comprehension. Keep in mind that around 59% of teens have cavities in their permanent teeth, and 20% have untreated decay. That’s many kids dealing with dental health issues and at risk of missing class time and falling behind.

Children’s Dentistry from  Catonsville Dental Care in Columbia, MD

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