Are Ceramic Crowns Right for Me? Ask Your Catonsville Dentist

Confidence is almost always accompanied with a big smile, but what if your smile is making you self-conscious? Many people find themselves feeling limited and held back by a cosmetic issue with their smile, whether that means a chipped tooth, a discoloration, or a larger-than-usual gap. Rather than hiding your pearly whites and feeling shy, why not take a leap and look into the possibility of a ceramic crown? Read on to find out more about what ceramic crowns can do for your smile, your dental health, and your overall confidence level.

ceramicWhat is a Ceramic Crown?

A ceramic crown is a kind of cap that is fitted over a tooth in order to correct its appearance. Crowns can fix a wide range of dental issues and help create a more even, uniform, bright white smile. Some people find that years of tooth decay and improper dental hygiene lead to the majority of a tooth being worn down or severely yellowed. Ceramic crowns cover this damage, simultaneously giving your teeth a healthy look and improving your mouth’s overall health.

Are Ceramic Crowns Just for Damaged Teeth?

A tooth does not need to be falling apart in order for a ceramic crown to be necessary. You may have a tooth that simply does not “match” the rest of your smile, which in turn might make you self-conscious. A custom ceramic crown can be created in order to blend the tooth in with the rest of your mouth and give you that natural, flawless smile that you’re looking for.

Are Ceramic Crowns the Only Crown Option?

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including metals such as stainless steel. But the major benefit of a ceramic crown is how seamlessly it blends in with the rest of your smile! The ceramic naturally mimics the look of your teeth and gives you that confident smile you’ve been craving.   

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