What Causes Gingivitis?

Good dental care is not just limited to taking care of your teeth. Taking proper care of your gums is essential to the overall health of your mouth and to the prevention of certain diseases. Gingivitis is one of the most common, and preventable, gum diseases that you can develop. In order to know how to prevent gingivitis, you’ll need to know what causes it. Leikin & Baylin Dental Care of Catonsville is here to help and tell you the top reasons behind gingivitis.

The number one cause of gingivitis is poor dental hygiene. When you brush your teeth, you remove layers of plaque and particles from their surfaces. Left untreated, those substances can infect your gums, leading to gingivitis.

Some causes of gingivitis are outside of your control. When your body experiences fluctuations in hormone levels, especially during puberty or pregnancy, your gums increase in sensitivity, meaning that even with proper dental hygiene practice, they are more susceptible to gingivitis. Illnesses too can contribute to the development of gingivitis. Inefficient immune systems can’t fight off the infection in your gums, and so gingivitis can happen more rapidly.

In addition to not taking proper care of your mouth through normal dental hygiene practices, other lifestyle choices can contribute to gingivitis. Smoking in particular weakens the gum tissue and puts it at a higher risk of becoming infected.

If you think you might be at risk for gingivitis, pay attention to the signs. Gum bleeding is one of the most common symptoms of gingivitis, as well as swollen or red gum, bad breath, tooth shifting, and receding gums. If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, seek out your Catonsville dentist today!

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Source: WebMD

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