Botox in Ellicott City, MD

Botox injections in Catonsville Dental Care
If you’ve always been interested in cosmetic enhancements, but you would prefer not to face discomfort or downtime, Botox is beneficial

If you’re an Ellicott City MD resident who’s considering Botox, we’re here to share some reasons why it’s so popular. Botox does help to reduce wrinkles, but there are also medical reasons behind why patients decide to get Botox injections. For example, Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome is a jaw muscle and nerve disorder caused by injury. Another cause is inflammation of the connection between the jawbone and the skull, called the temporomandibular joint. Botox injections serve as a treatment for this condition. In some dermatology offices, dermatologists also use these injections to stop excessive sweat. Botox performs so many functions, and here is why patients love it. 

Botox is Credible

A Belgian scientist named Emile Pierre van Ermengem first discovered Clostridium botulinum after a botulism outbreak in Belgium. Botulism refers to a toxin that attacks the nerves and causes difficulty breathing, muscle paralysis, and or even be fatal. In the 1920s, University of California scientists tried to isolate the botulinum toxin, but it wasn’t until about 20 years later that Dr. Edward Schantz separated it into a crystalline form. Fast forward to the 1970s, and scientists used it to correct strabismus (crossed eyes). Researchers soon discovered that this toxin reduced wrinkles. 

Since its inception, Botox has a proven track record regarding safety. Since it’s been around for many decades, there are more than enough accounts that prove Botox’s effectiveness. With any new cosmetic or medical discovery, people worry about side effects. However, dentists and doctors have given patients millions of injections over the years, testing that the results aren’t harmful. 

Minimal Downtime

If you’ve always been interested in cosmetic enhancements, but you would prefer not to face discomfort or downtime, Botox is beneficial. It’s minimally invasive, and you won’t have to prepare for surgery nor go under anesthesia for hours. You can go home immediately or get back to work. The side effects are mild and don’t last a long time. 

The Accessibility

Patients are busy. They’re trying to juggle a lot. It’s hard to drop all that you have to do to recover from a procedure. Ellicott City residents can appreciate the quickness and convenience of these treatments. Whether you want to pop in during a lunch break or get an injection after work and go home quickly to enjoy your weekend, that’s more than possible. 

The Long-Lasting Results

Imagine being wrinkle-free for an entire season! Botox’s results last for about 3-4 months. If you’re curious about if this cosmetic treatment is right for you, give us a call today! 

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