Botox and Other Cosmetic Dentistry in Ferndale, Maryland

Botox and Other Cosmetic Dentistry in Ferndale, Maryland

Botox and Other Cosmetic Dentistry in Ferndale, Maryland

The Best Dentist in Ferndale is Here For You!

If you are on a quest to find the best dentist in Ferndale for dental Botox, then you have found the right team of dentists for you! Catonsville Dental Care keeps customers smiling with our top cosmetic and preventative services and attentive care to every patient that walks through our doors for their appointment. Our dentists always attend to your dental health and keep your medical history in mind. Whether you need preventative or cosmetic dentistry, our team is the best dentist in the Ferndale community for you and your whole family.

What Is Dental Botox?

Dental Botox will come into play after a professional Dentist has evaluated your dental health and determined that a Botox treatment could help with particular symptoms. A dental Botox treatment is confined to the lower half of the face, and the effects may be more precise than even a plastic surgeon could achieve. Since our dentists are so well-versed in how the lower half of the face works, they can take a far more targeted approach than other cosmetic surgeons and doctors. The mouth and teeth are our specialty, so we are the best team to help!

What Are the Benefits of Dental Botox?

Dental Botox comes with a variety of benefits that vary from person to person, depending on the problem we are striving to fix.

To start, dental Botox can help with aesthetic aspects like frown lines, lip lines, puckered chins, and gummy smiles due to over retracted upper lips. Additionally, Botox can be used to help reduce jaw tension and Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome – which can cause severe tension in the face, neck, and head. Treatment of Botox on these tension issues can help reduce the effects of teeth grinding, which will also protect teeth and decrease the headaches they may cause.

Our Other Cosmetic Services

Botox treatments aren’t the only form of cosmetic dental services our team of dentists offer! Do you find yourself constantly smiling with a closed smile, afraid to show off your teeth? Are you most self conscious of your smile?

There are numerous reasons your smile could be suffering – from stains to crookedness. Whether you want whiter teeth or straighter teeth… we can help with expert dental cosmetic services. We offer services ranging from teeth whitening to Invisalign to help make your smile the best it can be. The patient experience is always a top priority for our dentists, and we ensure you are comfortable and well-informed every step of the process.

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If you are looking for the best dentist in Ferndale, your search is over with Catonsville Dental Care! Schedule your appointment with us for high-quality dentistry services and attentive, comfortable care. Whether you need botox for your dental health, surgical dentistry, or preventative check ups, our team of dentists are the best choice in the Ferndale community!

We value our customers and use our skills to boost your dental health with attentive care during every visit. To schedule an appointment or consultation, visit us online or give us a call at (410) 747-1115.

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