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Your Catonsville Dentist Explains What Causes Cavities

Kids aren’t the only ones who get cavities (though they tend to corner the market on how many cavities they get). Many adults also get cavities on a fairly regular basis. In fact, approximately 92% of adults ages 20-64 have had a cavity in their permanent teeth – unfortunately, 23% of them go untreated. Untreated cavities and decay can cause infections and other problems if they’re allowed to fester for long enough. One of the goals of dentists is to lower the amount of cavities that children and adults present with. The best way to prevent cavities is to know how they’re caused and what you can do to avoid getting them.

What Causes Cavities?

Tooth decay is the primary cause of cavities, so the more appropriate question is what causes tooth decay?

Having Your Cavities Treated

If you’re suffering from mouth pain and think it’s the result of a cavity, you need to see your Catonsville dentist ASAP to get it taken care of. Tooth decay can lead to more tooth decay, which can eventually cause you to lose your teeth altogether. Please make an appointment to see your Catonsville dentist if you feel that you have a cavity. You can contact Leikin & Baylin Dental Care of Catonsville, Maryland by calling 410-747-1115 or visiting

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