Benefiting from the Lip Flip in Pikesville, MD

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A Botox lip flip will help your smile look beautiful and fuller

What is a botox lip flip? Well, it could easily be the beauty treatment you never knew you needed. Traditionally, a lip flip is an excellent non-surgical procedure that can help enhance your lips overall. The lip flip can help improve your lips by making them appear fuller and providing a beautiful shape. This procedure is garnering a lot of interest from many people, especially those looking to change their lips because of how easy and painless it is. But how can a lip flip benefit you, and what does it entail? Here are some primary points to take note of if you are considering a lip flip.

Why Choose A Lip Flip?

The lip flip traditionally involves botox injections into the muscle that sits just above the lip — the orbicularis oris muscle, to be exact. It’s this process that then ultimately relaxes the muscle itself, causing the upper lip to roll up slightly. As a result, the appearance of fullness is garnered. The full shape is subsequently created from the injection that won’t even disappear when smiling. A lip flip can help erase those seamlessly erase vertical lines around your lip and mouth. 

Lip Fillers Or Lip Flips?

There are a couple of distinctions to mention regarding fillers and lip flips. Lip flips have varying goals from fillers. The results may look slightly similar, but the desire is quite different, and it’s essential to note these variances. Typically, fillers add volume and definition to both the lower and upper lip. Comparatively, lip flips are used to enhance the upper lip — providing a slightly more natural look. However, lip flips typically last three to four months compared to fillers, which tend to last longer (about 6-8 months) before results begin to subside.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, when it comes to altering and enhancing your lips, finding the right procedure for your desired outcome requires you to chat with a professional. Reaching out to the pros can ensure you pick the process that makes the most sense for you. 

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