Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Having your teeth professionally cleaned can help prevent diseases and other physical problems. Let’s us help you get those teeth cleaned!

It has been drilled into us to brush, floss, and rinse your teeth and mouth twice a day, every day. But there is another step you need to keep your mouth and body healthy. Having your teeth cleaned is one of the best ways to prevent physical and mental health problems.  But what are some other benefits to getting our teeth professionally cleaned? Let’s check it out!

The Procedure

In order to understand how it helps your mouth and body, we need to first look at what a teeth cleaning is. A teeth cleaning is performed by a dental hygienist, who has access to special tools designed for the specific purpose of cleaning teeth. The process begins with the dental hygienist assessing your teeth. They will look at how well your teeth have been maintained as well as the level of cleaning required. Once your teeth have been assessed, they will use a tool called a “curette” to scrape away the plaque. After the plaque is removed from your teeth, they are polished with a rotary prophy hand piece that is equipped with a rubber tip and prophy paste, leaving your teeth polished, smooth, and shiny.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

There are many benefits to cleaning your teeth, from a healthy smile to a healthy body. But one of the most beneficial reasons to get your teeth cleaned professionally is prevention. Our teeth are a direct link to your blood stream and the rest of your body. So their health could mean the difference between a healthy body and diseases like cancer or problems like lung infections. Keeping your teeth healthy can help prevent diseases like heart and gum disease, physical problems like erectile dysfunction and infertility, and neurological problems like Alzheimer’s and stroke. Remember, a professional teeth cleaning will cost a lot less than treating physical problems or diseases. Another benefit of teeth cleaning is getting rid of bad breath. Plaque is a mixture of food and bacteria that lies on the teeth until it is physically removed. If plaque is not removed, it hardens into tartar, or calculus. This combination causes bad breath as well as health problems. But a teeth cleaning can help freshen your breath and help you to stop offending your loved ones.


There are so many different benefits to having your teeth professionally cleaned. For more information or to schedule a checkup and a teeth cleaning, call your Catonsville Dental Care dentist today!

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