Bad Habits for Your Teeth

Bad habits for your teeth

There are several habits that could be causing your toothaches.

Every parent knows that having their child suck their thumb past teething is a bad idea. But what about the other habits children pick up from other adults or even from their own parents?

Hot and Cold

No, we aren’t talking about singing to Katy Perry’s song. We’re talking about the temperatures. Chewing on ice is one habit that is the harshest on your teeth. Ice can wear down the enamel on your pearly whites and can make them more vulnerable to decay. Because ice is so hard, it can even cause chipping, cracking, and fractures. Drinking beverages like juices, sodas, and coffee can also harm your teeth. Sodas and juices are filled with sugar which leads to tooth decay. Limit your intake of these sugary drinks and brush after drinking them to avoid rotting your teeth. Coffee and wine are known for staining teeth, but it is not just the coloration you should be worried about. Coffee can make teeth sticky which attracts bacteria and food particles. It is best to limit consumption of coffee to avoid the stains.

Sports and Grind

Sports are dangerous on their best days, but when you don’t use the proper gear, it can lead to many other problems including oral injuries. According to Colgate, mouth guards prevent around 200,000 mouth injuries per year in football. But that isn’t the only reason to wear a mouth piece. Many people around the world grind their teeth as a way to deal with stress, whether it is in sports, while sleeping, or even while at work. Grinding teeth can wear down the teeth, causing loosening, fracturing, and even loss of teeth. Most people do not even know they are doing it because they are concentrating on what they are doing or are asleep. If you have a sore jaw or headache, you may need to see a dentist to determine if you have been grinding your teeth.


We have already talking about chewing on ice, but what about the other stuff? In school, did you ever chew on a pen during a test or bite your nails out of nerves? Well, this is for you. These habits are also damaging to your teeth. Nerves can be hard to deal with but pens and pencils can cause illnesses and choking. Biting nails are lead to minor infections, worn tooth enamel, and tooth misalignment. It is a very hard habit to break and it is estimated that 10 to 20 percent of adults in the U.S. are nail-biters. To deter this habit, you can purchase special nail polish. Toothpicks are also a terrible habit. Although they are intended to pick your teeth of food and plaque, these wooden skewers can hurt your teeth and gums so it is best to use dental floss instead.

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