Back-To-School Oral Care

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Schedule a check-up for back-to-school!

The bells have rung and the kids are back to school. It’s time to pack away the sun hats, beach towels, and time to start preparing for the chaos of a new year. You’ve checked off that school list, bought new shoes, and took the children to their pediatrician for their yearly immunization shots. But have you scheduled a routine dental checkup? According to the American Dental Association, a dental examination is as important as the shots your children receive as part of back-to-school preparations.

As you send your child back to school, schedule a regular check-up with their dentist, and take the time to go over a few healthy habits to ensure their teeth are ready for school.

The Check-Up

Your child should be seeing a dentist every 6-months for a regular check-up. If the beginning of school doesn’t happen to lie on the date of their already scheduled appointment, schedule another one. Regular dental examinations are necessary for preventing dental problems that parents or teachers may not be able to recognize. Preventative maintenance will save you and your child from an unexpected necessary appointment in the future.

Regular Brushing and Flossing

Brush your teeth next to your child one evening and explain the necessity of brushing and flossing. The school year is busy, and sometimes we fall behind in our oral hygiene. Stress the importance of a clean mouth and get them in the habit of brushing every morning and evening. When you brush alongside your child, they’re more likely to develop the habit more naturally.

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating habits are not just necessary for the well-being of our children, but for the well-being of their teeth as well. When packing their lunch, stay away from sugary foods or soft drinks. If they typically take advantage of the school lunch system, then stress the importance of healthy eating choices. That being said, this doesn’t mean that you can’t give your child a treat when they get home from school. Let your child have sprinkles on his/her ice cream cone, and then make sure you brush with them later!

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