4 Common Dental Health Myths Debunked

Are you still using alcohol based mouthwash?

Are you still using alcohol based mouthwash?

This week, we’re discussing some of the most popular dental health misconceptions. How many of these myths do you believe?

White Teeth are Healthy Teeth

A brighter smile is certainly a more attractive smile, but it doesn’t always suggest that the teeth are healthy. Cavities and infections can still occur no matter the shade of your teeth, so it’s important to brush and maintain good oral health even when your pearly whites are sparking.

Eating Sugar Rots Your Teeth

It’s true that a diet high in sugar can lead to cavities, but sugar isn’t the only culprit. As bacteria forms, the bacteria in your mouth feeds on sugar causing tooth decay. So it isn’t the sugar causing harm to your mouth, but the bacteria that uses sugar as its energy source. It’s important to brush your teeth after drinking soda or eating sweets to ensure bacteria doesn’t spread.

Always Use Alcohol Based Mouthwash

Contrary to popular opinion, alcohol-free mouthwash is a healthier option for your mouth. Alcohol based mouthwashes cause a burning sensation in the mouth, which can also lead to dry mouth. Rather than risking dry mouth or pain, opt for an alcohol-free mouthwash that is equally as effective.

You Don’t Need to Floss Anymore

Flossing is a thing of the past, right? The truth is, even if you remember to brush your teeth twice a day, you’re missing 30% of the surface of your teeth that only floss can reach. Don’t rely on your toothbrush to do all of the work for you!

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