3 Ways To Prevent Cavities

Learn how to prevent developing a cavity.

Everyone wants white, healthy teeth that they can show off, but it can be difficult to achieve.  If you are not careful about what you eat and do not clean your teeth properly, cavities can form.  When plaque sticks to your teeth, acids begin to attack them, and they start to decay.  If your teeth decay long enough, then one or more cavities will appear causing you to goto the dentist for a filling.  Fortunately, you can avoid developing cavities by following these simple prevention tips.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

When it comes to preventing cavities, you have to watch what you put into your body on a daily basis.  You need to limit the amount of food and drinks that are high in acids and sugars because those will start tooth decay.  You should swap out harmful foods and drinks, such as candy and sodas, with healthier foods including low-acidic fruit and vegetables.

Dental Sealants

One of the most effective ways to prevent cavities is to have dental sealants put on your teeth by your dentist.  Dental sealants are small, plastic protective coatings placed on the back teeth and molars to prevent food and plaque from sticking.  Since most cavities in children and adolescents develop on the back teeth, dental sealants are the best defense against cavities.  


When looking for a toothpaste to brush your teeth with, make sure to choose that has fluoride.  The mineral is effective at preventing, and even reversing, tooth decay, so it is critical that you brush with it.  Make sure to choose water that is infused with a healthy amount of fluoride.

Oral Care from Catonsville Dental Care

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