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4 Tips for Travel Tooth Care

Friday, October 7th, 2016 you’re heading out this weekend for a quick trip away from home, you may want to remember a few more things than your rain jacket. Travel is the perfect time to let go of your routine and enjoy the idea of freedom. The open road means hot tub dips, late evenings out, and sweet treats. Go ahead and enjoy yourself, but just remember to stay on top of your oral health. (more…)

Proper Night Guard Care

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Your night guard is your best protection against bruxism, a condition in which you grind or clench your teeth. During the night it sits between the surfaces of your teeth and prevents the constant grinding and clenching from doing any significant damage to your teeth. To that effect, it is wise for you to perform proper night guard care. The better you take care of your night guard, the better it will take care of you.night guard


New Year’s Toothbrush

Thursday, December 31st, 2015
Replacing toothbrushes

Make sure you replace your toothbrush every three to four months to ensure they are healthy!

As you start preparing for the New Year ahead, there is one thing that should be left behind in 2015: your toothbrush. When was the last time you changed your toothbrush? If you can’t remember, now is the time to replace it with a fresh one! (more…)

Is Halloween Candy a Trick or Treat?

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015
Is Halloween Candy a Trick or Treat?

When deciding on what treat to give out this Halloween, choose something sugar-free or something you can’t eat!

With Halloween fast approaching, you should be thinking about the health of your neighbors as well as your own children’s teeth. While it is true that candy can be bad for your teeth, there are certain candies that are not. Let’s take a look at some good and bad candies for your teeth this Halloween as well as some alternative treats. (more…)

Which is Better: Dentures versus Dental Implants?

Monday, July 20th, 2015
Dentures vs Dental Implants

Choosing between dentures and dental implants can be confusing. But maybe this will help you decide.

If the thought of someone seeing your missing teeth gives you the shivers, this article is for you. For many people, missing or broken teeth are an embarrassment. They are the people that cover their mouths when they talk or laugh. But there are two types of products that can help you get your confidence back: dentures and dental implants. But which one do you choose? (more…)

The Effects of Tobacco on Teeth

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Smoking addictAs most people know, tobacco is a detriment to proper dental health.The negative effects of tobacco use are normally associated with cancer, but the health of a person’s teeth and mouth is often overlooked. Bad breath isn’t the only issue from tobacco use, however, and you may end up spending thousands of dollars to fix issues associated with your deteriorating dental health. (more…)

Unhealthy Dental Habits

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Unhealthy-Dental-HabitsEnamel may be the hardest substance in the human body, but it isn’t bulletproof. They seem so permanent and strong, but in reality, your teeth can become susceptible to some pretty serious damage if you treat them poorly. Most people are well aware of the necessary maintenance that is required for healthy teeth, but don’t realize that a few of their everyday routines are causing trouble. Some dental habits that may seem harmless are actually slowly damaging your precious smile.

Teeth are not tools

Back in the days before humans invented things like scissors, knives, and utensils, teeth may have served as an important tool. Today, we are fortunate enough to have a tool for most daily tasks, yet some people still revert to primal ways. You should never use your teeth to tear anything open. Avoid using your teeth for opening packages, ripping off tags, and unscrewing tough tops. They simply aren’t built for handling that kind of stress and you could weaken, chip, or fracture your teeth.

Let go of stress

When you’ve got extra stress on your mind, it can travel to your teeth. Many people find themselves clenching their jaws or grinding their teeth as a reaction to stress. This can be hard or even impossible to control, but it can also be extremely damaging to your enamel. If you find yourself falling into this unpleasant habit, actively think about relaxing your jaw. If you are conscious of it you have a better chance at breaking the habit. Some people carry that stress into their sleep and grind their teeth while they are sleeping. Night guards are the best way to protect your teeth from this.

Eating habits

What you eat is important but so is how you eat. Crunching ice is a pretty popular habit that is absolutely terrible for your teeth. Not only are your teeth not equipped to break things as hard as ice, but the cold can make your teeth brittle, increasing the risk of fracture. Things like popcorn kernels, seeds, and fruit pits can cause similar troubles. Sucking things like sodas and coffee through straws can be detrimental as well. People often rest straws right at the front of their teeth. This is like injecting sugar right into the area. Instead, keep the straw near the back of your mouth and avoid the risk.

Leikin & Baylin Dental Care of Catonsville

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Disclaimer: The writer of this article is not a medical professional. Information contained herein has been collected from sources believed to be reliable, and every precaution has been taken to ensure its accuracy. The information provided here is for general informational purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care.


Teeth Whitening in Catonsville

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014



According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, 99.7% of adults believe a smile is an important social asset. 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes one more appealing to members of the opposite sex. So, what to do if your smile is a little more on the yellow side than you’d prefer? Fortunately, there are many options to help give you that bright, white grin you’ve always wanted.

Can Bleaching or Whitening weaken Teeth?

The first thing we do at Catonsville Dental Care is determine if a whitening procedure would be the most effective treatment for you. Assessing your discoloration helps us know if you would benefit from professional teeth whitening or if we should consider another path, such as porcelain veneers or dental bonding. There are many factors that could cause your teeth to become less white, but the most common is age. As we age, our teeth often become darker. They can also easily be influenced by smoking, coffee, tea, carrots, oranges, and foods with tannins.

While there are many over-the-counter products you can use, they are not nearly as effective as a visit with your local tooth-whitening dentist. Dentist-supervised tooth whitening remains the safest, most effective method for brightening your smile. When you visit our team at Catonsville Dental Care, we ensure that we find a solution customized to your needs. In just one visit, you can brighten your smile by ten shades.

The most common professional tooth-whitening treatment is chair-side bleaching. Your dentist will apply either a protective gel to your gums or a rubber shield to protect your gums from the tooth-whitening process. Then, a bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, much stronger than an over-the-counter product. Sometimes a special light or laser is used to enhance the action of the whitening treatment. We can easily tailor the process to individuals with tooth sensitivity to help make your teeth-whitening experience as painlessly as possible, both during and after the procedure.

The long-term success of the procedure is up to you. With proper care and use of a prescribed at-home whitening product, the benefits of professional teeth-whitening can last years. At Catonsville Dental Care, we believe in the benefits of professional teeth whitening.

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How Can I Get The Most Out Of My Visit To The Dentist?

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Most of us only see the dentist every 6 months, if that! Because of this, it is important to get the most out of each and every dental visit. But how?CatonsvilleDental_Nov5

Making the Most out of your Visit to the Dentist

  1. Make a Checklist: It is helpful to make a checklist of items you wish to discuss with your dentist, including tooth pain, problems brushing or flossing, grinding your teeth, etc. Having a checklist will make sure you don’t forget what you wanted to ask.
  2. Update your Medical History: Common medical conditions, such as diabetes, can affect your oral health. Because of this, it is Important to provide your dentist with your complete medical history. The more your dentist knows about your overall health, the better he/she will be able to address your oral health.
  3. Tell your Dentist Everything: You should disclose any medications, supplements, or vitamins you may be taking. Certain drugs can cause dry mouth, which increases your risk of cavities and other oral health problems.
  4. Ask Questions: Never be afraid to ask questions. Ask your dentist about anything you should be doing to improve your oral health.
  5. Leikin & Baylin Dental Care in Catonsville, Maryland: In addition to offering unparalled dental excellence, the oral health professionals at Leikin & Baylin Dental Care will make you feel as comfortable as possible. Going to the dentist can be an anxious experience, but at Leikin and Baylin Dental Care we will ease your worries.

“A dentist check-up is an essential part of preventive care,” says Leslie Seldin, DDS, a spokesperson for the American Dental Association.

If you have any questions about Dental Health, or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact Leikin & Baylin Dental Care of Catonsville, Maryland by calling 410-747-1115 or visit

“We are a team of caring health professionals who provide unparalleled dental excellence and treat our patients as members of our family.”

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Get the Most Out of Your Dental Visit

What Are The Different Types of Dental Crowns?

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Dental crowns come in many different materials. The one that is best for you depends on what dental problem you are fixing.Tooth Decay

  • Stainless Steel Dental Crown – a stainless steel crown is often used on permanent teeth as a temporary preventative measure. A stainless steel crown is placed on your tooth while a permanent crown is made from a different material. A stainless steel crown is cost effective and doesn’t require countless dental visits to keep it in place.
  • Metal Dental Crown – metals used include gold, palladium, nickel or chromium. With a metal crown, less tooth structure needs to be removed. In terms of durability, a metal crown is the strongest and can withstand biting and chewing. In addition, metal crowns rarely chip or break. The deal breaker for this type of crown is the color, they work best for molars and other out of sight teeth.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal Dental Crowns – this type of dental crown can be colored to match with your existing teeth for a more natural look. However, sometimes the original metal can show through the porcelain of the dental crown.
  • All-resin Dental Crown – this is a cheaper type of dental crown. The drawback is that it can wear down over time and is prone to fractures.

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